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‘An Accident Of Love’ Musical

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kkA2_poster_8华人经典电影改编 催泪感人殿堂级音乐剧
180分钟亲情大戏 30首挚爱经典

王柏森 丁当 陈乃荣 叶文豪 颠峰演技
华语音乐大师、知名编剧、舞台剧艺术总监陈乐融/音乐总监朱敬然/导演曾慧诚 真情巨献

收获票房与口碑双丰收好成绩的《搭错车》去年夏天从台中出发, 登上台中、台北、高雄、厦门、多伦多、温哥华、上海、南京、武汉、北京等城市的表演最高殿堂, 一年全球10城24场上万人含泪推荐、场场爆满!在华人世界已掀起全民音乐热潮!感受史诗级热泪音乐剧巨作的魅力,每一站口碑如潮一票难求,坚强的演员与黄金团队, 壮阔歌舞场面视觉震撼, 将经典好歌与催情新曲感动呈现。

改编1983 年华人经典电影[搭错车] , 由「主题曲」天后之称的丁当独挑大梁担纲音乐剧女主角,「华人音乐剧天王」王柏森,「偶像剧创作才子」陈乃荣共同演出, 「百老汇出身音乐剧王牌」曾慧诚担任导演, 华语乐坛创作大师陈乐融担任艺术总监, 编剧, 作词, 他用音乐剧的形式把这个经典故事本体说的丰富饱满, 经由改编带出更具现代感的逼真感受。音乐剧也加入流行音乐金字招牌朱敬然担任音乐总监,重新演绎当年电影经典歌曲《一样的月光》,《酒矸倘卖无》, 《请跟我来》,《是否》, 《变》等脍炙人口歌曲, 并加上改变丁当《我爱她》, 《离家出走》, 《亲人》等个人经典歌曲,也因应改编剧情创作多首全新歌曲, 让人感受到更催泪, 全新音乐风格的[搭错车] 音乐剧。

11月16日,星宇表演艺术中心,我们一起相约搭上这一班充满爱情, 亲情和友情的[搭错车]!


The acclaimed ‘An Accident of Love’ musical is confirmed to play in Singapore this November!

Adapted from the award-winning 1983 classic film ‘Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?’, ‘An Accident of Love’ musical is a moving tale of kinship, love and chasing dreams. Featuring a strong cast of talents including Queen of Love Ballad, Della Ding Dang, veteran musical actor, Wang Bo-Sen, and singer-songwriter, Nylon Chen!

The 180-minute long theatrical adaptation has travelled to various cities around the world including Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taizhong, Xiamen, Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai and Beijing to name a few. Besides rendition of the popular classic songs like “一样的月光”, “酒矸倘卖无”, “请跟我来”, “是否” from the original film, one can also expect well-known titles from Della’s albums like “我爱她”, “离家出走” as well as all-new track “搭错车”, giving the musical a delicate touch of novelty.

This heartwarming musical is one masterpiece that is sure to tug at the heartstrings. Come 16th November, step into the world of the protagonist as she explores and finds herself lost in the alluring world while chasing her dreams, only to discover later what is truly important and dear to her heart. Be sure to catch it live at The Star Theatre!






Saturday, 16 November 2019
7:00 pm
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The Star Theatre