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Diamond Cutter Public Talk 2018

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True Innovators
The Deeper Causes of Creativity
Diamond Cutter Public Talk 2018

The Diamond Cutter International Management Institute is pleased to announce the release of the 9th of the 12 levels of the DCI training for
business and personal success. Purposely having a great new idea is probably one of the hardest things you can ever try to do.

Your business needs a new, amazing product to get back into the market. You’ve tried a dozen things to get your personal relationship back on track, and
you just have no idea what to try next. You don’t feel the energy or health or even happiness that you used to, but you’ve run out of new things to try. The revolutionary approach of the Diamond Cutter Institute, based in the ancient wisdom of Asia, says that what happens to us at home or in our work is actually coming from seeds in our mind. These seeds are planted by how well we treat other people.

Amazingly, the thoughts we hear inside of our own mind are also coming from seeds planted in this way. This means that creativity itself is also coming from seeds planted by our actions towards others. If we can find the specific types of actions that plant the seeds for personal creativity and innovation, then instead of sitting frustrated waiting for the next big idea in our business or life to show up, we can purposely plant it – and it will arrive smoothly, on schedule.

DCI Level 9: another breakthrough in how to live a happy life and enjoy a successful business and career. Stop waiting for the next big idea you need.
Just plant it, with DCI Level 9.

*Please note the talk is conducted in English with Live Mandarin Interpretation





Monday, 18 June 2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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The Star Theatre