Halal Northern and Southern Indian cuisine

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162 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3533, Singapore 150162

Main Line: (65) 6274 6327
Fax: (65) 6276 0766
Website: www.brindas.com.sg

Mr. Veera
Mobile: (65) 9185 3360
Email: veera@brindas.com.sg


Brinda’s serves a wide variety of delicious and wholesome dishes made with the freshest ingredients to delight your senses.

Our variety of mouth-watering dishes include North and South Indian food catering with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There are also Peranakan and Western Food Catering prepared by specialty chefs. Our food – whether for small or large banquets – are made from the heart and from scratch with the finest local ingredients.

We provide a royal feast, buffet-style, for all occasions big and small. We also offer exclusive Wedding Menus upon request.

Halal-certified caterer with a richly diverse menu

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1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813

Main Line: (65) 6833 7997
Fax: (65) 9645 4753
Website: www.caterco.com.sg

Rebecca Cheung
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9645 4753
Email: rebecca.cheungmk@caterco.com.sg


CaterCo is an integrated events and catering concierge that specializes in crafting comprehensive and contemporary catering experiences. Our commitment to excellence is evident at every event, be it a team gathering, a talk-of-the-town party, an exciting product launch, or a prestigious dinner event. Our extensive experience is rooted in creating customized and exquisite catering experiences, curating aesthetic buffet setups, and executing seamless large-scale corporate events. CaterCo is a Halal-certified caterer with a richly diverse menu, with classic buffet spreads featuring an eclectic mix of Asian delicacies and international fare.

Specialize in traditional Nyonya cuisine

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Block 3015 Bedok North Street 5, #05-26 Shimei East Kitchen Singapore 486350

Main Line: (65) 6247 9531
Fax: (65) 6247 9536
Website: www.chilliapi.com.sg

Grace Koh
Senior Customer Service Executive
Mobile: (65) 8363 3811
Email: grace@chilliapi.com.sg


Looking for an authentic and flavourful experience of Peranakan food in Singapore? Look no further than Chilli Api, the top food catering service in Singapore specializing in delicious and traditional Nyonya cuisine.
Peranakan food, also known as Nyonya food, is a unique blend of Chinese, Javanese, and Malay culinary traditions that emerged from the early Chinese settlers in the Straits archipelago. At Chilli Api, we take great pride in crafting authentic and high-quality Peranakan dishes that capture the essence of this rich and diverse cuisine.

Customised cuisine, décor and event support

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211 Henderson Road,
#05-03, Singapore 159552

Main Line: (65) 6411 4999
Fax: (65) 6411 4998
Website: www.creativeeateries.com.sg

Geraldine Leong
Senior Catering Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9632 2178
Email: geraldine.leong@creativeeateries.com.sg


Creative Eateries Catering was created in 1998 amid strong demand for a caterer who could not only provide outstanding food and excellent value but also the capability to create unforgettable events.

With a variety of cuisines on demand, end-to-end capabilities such as décor, equipment rental and staffing, and a knack for customisation, Creative Eateries Catering has established itself as one of Singapore’s premier caterers and is uniquely positioned to provide for all of your catering needs.

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21, Second Chin Bee Road, Singapore 618780
Main Line: (65) 6288 4457
Fax: (65) 6288 8794

Catherine Seah
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9630 9881
Email: Catherine.seah@cdelight.sg


Continental Delight Catering Services Pte. Ltd. specializes in providing professional food services. Our chefs have diverse experiences in the hospitality and food service industry, spanning over three decades. Our central kitchen is HACCP certified and adheres to strict food hygiene practices in accordance with the guidelines for serving buffets, bento, and cocktail receptions. We have proudly served some reputable organizations, including CAAS, SIA, ISTANA, ICA, Nestle, SAF, RSAF, and Parliament House

Halal-certified authentic Indian cuisine

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15 Tessensohn Road,
Singapore 217649

Main Line: (65) 6396 3951
Fax: (65) 6396 3952
Website: www.rwt.com.sg/Home/catering

General Manager
Mobile: (65) 9061 7545
Email: jack@rwt.com.sg


Riverwalk Tandoor is a well-established fixture in the local F&B scene since 1998. Located at Upper Circular road, the buffet restaurant enjoys a loyal following for its authentic Indian Cuisine.

Now Riverwalk Tandoor is serving Halal-certified catering menus through Curry & Tandoor. Popular meat items include Fish Methi, Butter Chicken, Mutton Rogan Gosh and Mutton Masala. Other must-try items are the tandoori meats such as the classic Tandoori Chicken.

Helmed by a team experienced in catering for 10,000 pax for buffet and bento services, Curry & Tandoor can cater for all manners of events including sit-down dining and large-scale events.

Bespoke Halal Menus Curated For All Events

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21 Second Chin Bee Road, Singapore 618780

Tel: (65) 6288 4457
Fax: (65) 6288 8794
Website: www.elsiekitchen.com.sg

Catherine Seah
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9630 9881
Email: catherine@elsiekitchen.com.sg


Elsie’s Kitchen is a halal-certified events and institutional catering company focused on preserving classic Asian dishes through authentic recipes handed down the generations.
Elsie’s Kitchen successfully catered for numerous major national events, such as the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and the ASEAN Para Games in 2015, where the company provided up to 15,000 meals daily.
Elsie’s Kitchen has been serving the local and wider community for more than 50 years. Our clients range from members of the healthcare, banking and finance, institution to government agencies—catering to more than 20,000 meals daily on average.

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5 Burn Road, #05-01,
Tee Yih Jia Building, Singpapore 369972

Tel: (65) 3163 5336
Website: grain.com.sg

Kyla Chng
Sales Representative
Mobile: (65) 8661 9649
Email: kyla@grain.com.sg

Khoo Ghee Ting
Sales Representative
Mobile: (65) 8189 2913
Email: ting@grain.com.sg


Grain’s mission is to understand everyone’s food preferences and make great food accessible for everyone. Data helps Grain create high-quality, creatively crafted and wholesome food.

We have fed (and made friends with) thousands of happy customers from places like Microsoft, Citibank, UBS, Facebook, Sentosa Corporation and a lot more.
Our customers use our meal boxes and buffet for meetings, seminars, workshops, product launches, parties, etc. Asian, western, vegetarian, halal. We’ve got you all covered.

Favoured Caterer of Designed Experiences

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8A Admiralty Street, #03-20/21/22,
FoodXchange @ Admiralty,
Singapore 757437

Tel: (65) 6852 2852
Fax: (65) 6852 2850
Website: www.howscatering.com.sg

Salinah Zeng
Sales Manager
DID: (65) 6852 2856
Mobile: (65) 9830 3430
Email: salinah@howscatering.com.sg

Josephine Teo 
Senior Sales Manager
DID: (65) 6852 2867
Mobile: (65) 9673 5388
Email: josephine@howscatering.com.sg


No event is too small or too large for us. Whether it is 15pax or 1500pax, delicious fresh cuisine is our culinary standard.
Our extensive menus afford you the freedom to explore thematic ideas with custom flair. From themes such as Uniquely Singapore Food, Tantalizing Asian Cuisine to Western Fusion, we strive to meet and cater to our customers’ expectations.
It is our goal to ensure the greatest satisfaction of every customer, while offering professional and personalised service at affordable rates.

International Catering

Halal catering for corporate events, weddings and household celebrations

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171 Kampong Ampat, #03-12,
KA Food Link, Singapore 368330

Tel: (65) 6289 8369
Fax: (65) 6289 8368
Website: www.intl.com.sg

Jessie Tan
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9617 8869
Email: Jessie@intl.com.sg

Andeline Ng Eng Eng / Michelle Ho Mei Har
Admin Coordinator
Tel: (65) 6289 8369
Email: sales@intl.com.sg


Established in 2000, International Catering has been providing a wide range of Halal catering services for corporate events, weddings as well as household celebrations. Regardless whether they are small gatherings or large scale events, our team of experienced and well-trained
professionals strive to achieve excellence for both our food and service, with our diverse range of menus, at great value prices.

At International Catering, we are committed to providing the best quality of food, speedy service and a flawless setup, leaving our guests a memorable experience they will never forget.

Corporate Events Catering

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1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813
Main Line: (65) 6392 2688
Website: www.lavish.com.sg

Cynthia Ng
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9236 2861
Email: cynthia@lavish.com.sg


Lavish Dine Catering (LAVISH) has been in the industry for over two decades, where we have earned a reputation for redefining catering with innovative culinary creations from award-winning chefs and a top-notch service crew, transforming events into unforgettable experiences.

Our team offers bespoke menus and uniquely designed themes for M.I.C.E, Corporate Galas, Weddings, and Private Banquets, attending to many esteemed guests – from established corporate clients like Temasek Holdings, UBS and Changi Airport Group to distinguished dignitaries and top designer brands like Giuseppe Zanotti. LAVISH has also worked with some of the finest chefs, including Michelin Star Chef Raymond Blanc.

Cross-cultural Asian and international fusion cuisine

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1 Kaki Bukit Road 1,
Enterprise One, #05-03/04
Singapore 415934

Main Line: (65) 6515 0991
Fax: (65) 6515 1235
Website: www.orangeclove.com.sg

Rebecca Cheung
Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9645 4753
Email: rebeccacheungmk@neogroup.com.sg


Award-winning Orange Clove catering prides itself as a trusted professional catering brand that offers inspiring experiences. Committed to impress with innovative cuisines, stylish presentation and a personal approach to service, Orange Clove sets trends with groundbreaking creativity. Orange Clove appeals to a mid-to-high end clientele with cross-cultural Asian and International fusion dishes designed to excite and bring about a wholesome sensory experience.

Through the stylish buffet spread, customised themed parties, and exemplary service standards, Orange Clove delivers a world of good taste through a fusion of International and Asian Halal menus that range from 9 to 18 courses.

Artisan cuisine and dedicated service

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253 Pandan Loop,
Singapore 128432

Main Line: (65) 6777 7183
Fax: (65) 6777 7365
Website: www.rasel.com.sg

Azrah Ang
Deputy General Manager
Mobile: (65) 9022 6506
Email:  azrah@rasel.com.sg


Rasel: Always an artisanal affair

We perfect the finest details and compose exquisite flavours that delight the palate. We are also known to season each affair with warm little touches of artistry and flawless service.

From the culinary crew to the frontline team, each one of us is a master craftsman dedicated to sculpt and perfect your affair until it elicits pure enjoyment. For it is in our nature to express joy by giving it away.

Team Catering

Customised menus for every occasion

Contact Details

3015 Bedok North Street 5
#01-01 Shimei East Kitchen
Singapore 486350

Main Line: (65) 6283 8932
Fax: (65) 6283 8934
Website: www.teamcatering.com.sg

Zhang WenWei
Chief Strategy Officer
DID: (65) 8328 4015
Email: wenwei@teamcatering.com.sg

Shawn Chan
Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile: (65) 9669 2111
Email:  shawn@teamcatering.com.sg

Pearlyn Wee
Assistant Business Development Manager
Mobile: (65) 8611 3477
Email:  pearlynw@teamcatering.com.sg


Formally known as THEME CATERING, and established in 1991, we have delighted satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Our Central Kitchen is ISO 22000-certified for strict compliance and emphasis on food hygiene. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality bespoke menus and customised service to all our discerning customers.

Our core services include buffet catering for all occasions and customers. We are a specialist in large-scale event coordination (>1000pax) with a wide portfolio of successful events.

The Fullerton Hotel

Delectable array of dining selections

Contact Details

1 Fullerton Square,
Singapore 049178

Main Line: (65) 6733 8388
Fax: (65) 6735 8388
Website: www.fullertonhotel.com

Nicklaus Giam
Senior Catering Sales Manager
DID: (65) 6877 8096
Email: nicklaus.giam@fullertonhotel.com


There are a total of 5 restaurants and bar in the hotel, namely Town Restaurant which presents local and international buffets and an a la carte menu; Jade features authentic Chinese cuisine; The Courtyard offers Indian buffet, Japanese buffet and Afternoon Tea, and The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar with breathtaking views of the bay serves authentic Italian cuisine. Post Bar, which features the original ceiling and pillars of the General Post Office, is the popular choice among the trendy elite.

Experienced and award-winning catering

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26 Tai Seng Street, #02-01,
Singapore 534057

Main Line: (65) 6270 7998
Fax: (65) 6272 7120
Website: www.tunglokevents.com

John Ho
Assistant Vice President, Events & Catering Sales
DID: (65) 6690 0850 / 6337 2055
Email: johnho@tunglok.com

Ernest Ho Jin Wee
Assistant Sales Manager
Tung Lok Catering Hotline: 6337 2055
Email: ernestho@tunglok.com

Joseph Gan
Bellygood Catering Sales Manager by Tung Lok
DID: (65) 6694 1717
Email: josephgan@tunglok.com


With 16 years in the catering industry, TungLok Catering is one of the most experienced and exceptional caterers in the business.

Operating out of 2 central kitchens and numerous TungLok restaurants around Singapore, TungLok Catering delivers on its promise without fail.


  • S’pore Prestige Brand Award 2009 & 2011 (TungLok Group – Overall Winner for Established Brands)
  • AsiaOne People’s Choice Award 2010 (No.1 Caterer)
  • World Gourmet Summit – Awards of Excellence 2011 (Finalist, Outstanding Caterer of the Year)
  • S’pore F1 Grand Prix (Formula One) 2008, 2009 and 2010 (Official Caterer)
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) Convention 2007 (Official Caterer)