Trevor Noah Brings His Loud And Clear Tour To Singapore For Two Sold-Out Shows

By August 28, 2019 News

19TH AUGUST 2019

“I got to the top, and I was at the most exciting, boring pool ever!” Just like every other person to visit Singapore for the first time, Trevor Noah made it a point to visit Marina Bay Sands.

Rounding up the list of things in Singapore that amused him, Trevor Noah also likes the idea of a huge flower garden (also known as Gardens By The Bay to the rest of us) and thinks that durian is the most amazing fruit that he’s ever come across because it smells like the future. To him, the fruit had the amazing ability to smell like how it should smell in 100 years time now.

The Star Theatre at The Star Performing Arts Centre is jam-packed to the rafters with three tiers of fans who turned out in full force to catch stand-up comedian Trevor Noah in his first ever show. In fact, he was so popular that another show was added on the same night after the first one sold out in just hours!

It’s surreal for some to see the African comedian live, who solidified his platinum status in the comedy world when he landed his gig hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central. There is no stopping Noah, whose ability to improvise and entertain with just a microphone is exactly what makes every one of his shows so memorable. And his debut show in Singapore is no different.

Noah starts off with his hilarious (mis)adventures in Singapore from when he landed two days ago, giving us privy to new content that no one else had heard yet. Noah’s only been in Singapore for two days, but he’s already caught on that we love food a LOT!

Even his apology about the delayed start to the show due to the heightened security checks sends the audience into peals of laughter as he jokes about making sure no one was sneaking durian into the theatre as he had no wish to re-encounter the pungent fruit for the second time.

Noah then continues about what running is like in hot, humid Singapore, before re-enacting his huffing and puffing run as he struts over the huge stage. The stage, big enough to hold a full orchestra, was easily dominated by Noah’s bright and bubbly personality. For those who were further away, two screens provided a closer look at the comedian. Aside from a bottle of water, which also became a prop in one of Noah’s jokes, and a chair, Noah didn’t even need anything else to set the crowd roaring with laughter.AL_TrevorNoah_083

After getting us all caught up on what he was up to when he embarked on his Asia tour, Noah then shares more about growing up, his love of languages (he can speak 6!), and meeting his father for the first time. Oh, and apparently Noah sounds like Hitler when he’s speaking German.

It’s not a Trevor Noah show without his political views. While Noah talked about the situation back in America and everyone’s favourite president Trump, he also impressed the audiences with issues closer to home. One thing that really stood out to him while he was in Asia was the ongoing Hong Kong protests. Or more specifically, how the street protestors apologized for inconveniencing tourists during their airport sit-down and cleaning up after themselves.

“I have never been on anyone’s side more!” Noah makes it very clear who he supports in standard Noah-fashion.

We had to give him props for being able to make such a serious situation funny without being overly-sensitive.

Another lovable quirk of Noah’s is that he can somehow make every story relatable, even a political one. It’s not a secret that Noah is a fanboy of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he recounts how Trudeau accidentally made a faux pas on a trip to India where he tried too hard to fit in. Believe it or not, Noah himself had made the same faux pas.

In what is arguably the night’s best story, Noah starts from the beginning on why he loves curry so much, even to this day. He loves curry and Indian food so much that whenever he’s with his white friends at an Indian restaurant, he’s the only one who orders. He’s also got the Indian accent down pat, which makes everything even funnier when Noah gets schooled by the Scottish-accented Indian server who can’t seem to understand the comedian’s heavily accented English in a seemingly traditional India eatery in Edinburgh. Punchline: the server was a huge fan who was taking Noah for a ride!

Ah, schadenfreude is a lovely, lovely thing. If you don’t get it, maybe it’s time to head to a Trevor Noah show!


As the lights turned on, the 5,000 strong audience took to their feet in applause as Noah thanks the crowd before heading offstage. Almost immediately, everyone streamed out of the theatre in an orderly fashion past the crowds from the second show eagerly awaiting their turn.

And along with the rest of the lucky fans who were heading to Buona Vista MRT station right next to The Star, I could only think of curry.

Photo Credits: Aloysius Lim / LA Comedy Live